Psychopharmacology/Medication Management: In this mode of treatment we meet approximately every 4-6 weeks; longer if you are doing well, and shorter if there are symptoms that need to be addressed. If need be, I will recommend that you receive adjunctive support from a therapist or mental health practitioner. The focus of treatment will be on how the medications are contributing to your overall level of functioning and well-being. I am very comfortable playing a supportive role for those who are already engaged in psychotherapy with another mental health professional.

Psychotherapy: In psychotherapy we meet frequently – for an hour, once every week or two. Although medications may be part of the treatment, we will work diligently in identifying the psychological underpinnings of your concerns. We will pay close attention to important factors in your life, including your relationships, employment, and your background and upbringing.

Consultation/Second Opinion: If you are working with another physician or therapist, I am happy to offer advice and consultation for particularly difficult cases. This would consist of collaborating closely with your practitioner. We may meet for one to a few sessions to closely examine your circumstances. After we meet, you would continue working with your primary doctor.